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18 Wheeler crashes in Carrollton, Texas?

If you’ve spent any time in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex chances are you’ve driven through Carrollton. Whether you’re driving from Denton to Dallas on I-35 or driving from Frisco to Fort Worth on the Sam Rayburn Tollway, you’re probably going to drive through a slice of Carrollton. Anyone driving on those roads knows that there is a lot of big rig traffic. Traffic jams caused by a big rig crash can really make your drive terrible. On the other hand, for those who were hit by the big rig, they wish they were lucky enough to only be caught in traffic. 

Why do 18-wheeler crashes even matter?


Making the community safer by holding trucking companies accountable matters. Truck crashes cause major disruptions in the lives of those involved in the crash and can even affect their family and friends. And it’s not just because of the physical injuries. Relationships are strained, worry about finances builds, and the emotional impact can make a person uneasy about driving on the highway again. By understanding the root causes and implications of truck crashes, we empower ourselves to advocate for safer roads and seek justice for those impacted.


Why do trucking crashes happen?


Truck crashes come from various factors, but ultimately trucking companies hold the power to make the roads safer. Driver fatigue, speeding, distractions, and inadequate maintenance are among the leading culprits. Most of these factors can be tied to poor supervision and a lack of training by trucking companies. Trucking companies know the statistics on how and why crashes happen. Unfortunately, a lot of trucking companies worry about dealing with crashes after they happen instead of working to prevent them.

Navigating Trucking Regulations: A Complex Landscape

Trucking in interstate commerce is governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  We usually just call them the trucking safety rules because the rules are there for everyone’s safety on the roadways. The trucking safety rules include hours-of-service limits, vehicle maintenance standards, and the rules around hiring and training.

Although trucking companies and their insurance carriers successfully had legislation passed in Texas that attempted to shift liability away from trucking companies and onto the shoulders of their truck driver employees, members of the community can still get justice from trucking companies when those companies violate the trucking safety rules. The trucking safety rules apply to truck drivers and trucking companies. These rules must be followed and enforced to keep everyone safe on the roadways. Truck crashes are often attributed to a trucking company choosing not to follow and enforce the trucking safety rules. 

How Are Truck Crashes Different From Regular Car Crashes?

Unlike run-of-the-mill car wrecks, truck crashes present unique challenges. The sheer size and weight of commercial trucks amplify the impact, resulting in more severe injuries and damage. It may seem like a crash at 15 miles per hour, for example, is the same whether the vehicle causing the crash is an 18-wheeler or a Honda Civic. A big heavy truck will do substantially more damage than a Honda Civic would even when both vehicles are traveling at the same speed. Who would you rather run into you, a child or an NFL linebacker, even assuming they are running at the same speed?

Trucking safety rules, truck driver qualifications, and the ways in which drivers handle trucks are different from regular vehicles and  factor into the differences between trucking and car crashes. Additionally, trucking companies and their insurers often have teams of lawyers and resources to “minimize liability.” It is not unheard of for trucking companies to have quick reaction teams to come out and “investigate” and talk to witnesses. Sometimes when trucking companies do that, evidence of what happened gets harder to find by the person who was hit by the truck. Navigating these complexities requires specialized knowledge and expertise in truck accident law.

Why Hire an Attorney Experienced in Truck Wreck Cases?

Truck crash cases demand seasoned legal representation. From investigating complex liability issues to navigating federal and state regulations, the intricacies of these cases require specialized skills. By choosing an attorney experienced in truck wreck cases, you ensure that your rights are protected and your best interests are served. It is extremely important that a quick investigation is performed, and other quick actions are taken by your attorney immediately after a truck crash.

Tepperman Law has handled 18-wheeler cases through trial. We’ve seen the nasty tricks that trucking company lawyers use to try to protect the insurance companies who pay them. And we know what kind of stress and anxiety the process can have on our clients. 

What Steps Should I Take After a Truck Crash?

In the aftermath of a truck crash, every action counts. From contacting emergency services to documenting the scene and seeking medical attention, a prompt and methodical response is key. Although you may not be able to walk around, try to do what you can to remember the names of the people at the scene and document what you can. Be careful if a representative of the trucking company wants to talk to you or get your statement in the hours or days following the crash. There is no good reason for them to contact you other than to try to “minimize” the liability of the trucking company.

Trucking Through Carrollton

Truck crashes happen in Carrollton since there are major highways that go through the city. By understanding the causes, consequences, and legal pathways, we empower ourselves to seek justice and make the roadways safer for everyone. A crash with an 18 wheeler can be very traumatic, but how justice is sought after the crash can make a positive impact in the community.

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