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Etan Z. Tepperman

I started Tepperman Law PLLC in  February of 2018 in San Antonio, Texas.  Seeking justice on behalf of my severely injured clients and helping make our community safer are my professional passions. Those goals have continued to motivate me to keep doing great work for people.  I believe that individuals deserve quality lawyers, not just powerful insurance companies, trucking companies, and the government. By the end of 2018, I moved the law firm to Denton, Texas - my first time living in Denton since graduating with my bachelor's degree from the University of North Texas. I'm proud to say that Tepperman Law keeps on fighting for the people.

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Before starting Tepperman Law, I represented businesses and people in a wide range of cases, including a case against the Church of Scientology. As the owner and managing member of Tepperman Law, I represent people who were wronged in all sorts of cases, such as serious car crashes, major tractor-trailer crashes, daycare negligence, and vicious dog attacks.

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