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What Are the Leash Laws in Denton, Texas?

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Denton prohibits dog owners from letting dogs “run at large.”  This means dog owners must keep their dogs inside, fenced in a yard, or on a leash.  It is also illegal in Denton to leave a dog unattended in a public place, even if the dog is on a leash or tied up.

Denton also has procedures for “dangerous animals.”  These procedures apply when an animal, in our case a dog, is either free of a restraint or restrained in a public place and bites or attacks someone.  However, in order for the city to do anything about the dangerous dog a person has to make a written complaint to the animal control center within 30 days of the attack on a form provided by the city.  The process gets a little more involved once a written complaint is made – including an investigation by animal services and a hearing to determine whether or not the dog should be considered a “dangerous dog.”  

Attacked by a dog?  We'll be happy to help.  Call us at 940-294-7058 or fill out this form.

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If you live in the City of Denton and you are attacked by a dog, make sure to report the attack to the city.  You can do this by calling 911.  You may also consider making a written dangerous animal complaint with the Denton’s animal control center within 30 days of the dog attack.

Why is it important to have a report and file a dangerous animal complaint with the City of Denton?

Dangerous animal complaints can help make Denton safer. At the end of the day, irresponsible dog ownership is the problem, not the dogs.  When irresponsible dog owners endanger the public, people can get seriously hurt.  Filing dangerous animal complaints helps hold irresponsible dog owners accountable.  And they help us fight the irresponsible dog owners and the insurance companies who protect them.  For more information about the City of Denton's animal laws, check out the City's animal law website.

If you or someone you care about was hurt in a dog attack in Denton make sure to report the attack to the proper authorities.  You also should seriously consider reaching out to a lawyer to guide you through what can often be a difficult process, especially when insurance companies are involved. 

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