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Tepperman Law Files Lawsuit Against Ezekiel Elliott and Bliss Pet Resort, LLC

Tepperman Law recently filed a lawsuit against Ezekiel Elliott and Bliss Pet Resort, LLC. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a former employee of Bliss Pet Resort, LLC who alleges that Ezekiel Elliott’s massive rottweiler attacked the former employee, causing serious injuries. 

Elliott Suit.jpg

Among other claims, the lawsuit alleges strict liability, a legal theory available in Texas dog attack cases when an owner of a dog knew or should have known of the dog’s dangerous propensities or previous dangerous behavior. Before the attack alleged in this lawsuit occurred, Elliott was facing a lawsuit claiming his rottweiler and two bulldogs attacked a pool cleaner. 


Reports recently surfaced of another incident in which Elliott’s rottweiler attacked people in his Frisco, Texas neighborhood after the rottweiler and two other dogs got loose. Elliott was reportedly issued three "Dog at Large" citations by the Frisco Police Department - one for each dog.

Tepperman Law represents individuals who were seriously harmed because of other people’s carelessness, including dog attacks. The firm works to seek justice for its clients while helping make our community safer.

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