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Should I give The at fault insurance company my medical records?

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No. Insurance companies of the person who injured you are not your friends. The adjuster you talk to on the phone may seem friendly but remember that they work for a multi-billion-dollar company that is not in the business of taking care of injured people. Medical records are very important to determine the appropriate amount for your case, but they can also be used as a weapon against you.

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How does the at fault insurance company get my medical records?

There are typically two ways an at fault insurance company gets your medical records. One way is you can give them to the insurance company yourself. The other way is by signing a HIPAA release and allowing the insurance company to get these records. 

What is a HIPAA release form?

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It’s a federal law that deals with keeping health information private. Doctors and hospitals aren’t supposed to release your medical records without a HIPAA compliant form authorizing them to send records to whatever company or person is on the form.

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Should I sign a HIPAA release form to give the at fault insurance company my medical records?

Absolutely not. Insurance companies will do everything they can to get your medical records from as far back as they can get. They want records from your primary care doctor and any other doctors you’ve been to.

Why do insurance companies want my medical records from before my injuries?

Insurance companies look for every reason to deny or devalue your claim. One of their favorite devaluing tools is picking on you because of previous medical issues. It’s actually quite silly of the insurance companies to use previous medical issues to devalue your claim. As it turns out, if you’ve been injured before, you are more likely to injured again.  

The insurance adjuster who looks at your previous medical records is not a doctor. Yet they review your medical records and claim that your injuries were not caused by the at fault person. It’s just a shower of lies insurance companies use to keep their money and make you give up.

How can a lawyer help me deal with at fault insurance companies?

Lawyers know how to deal with these insurance tactics. We know what records are necessary to give to insurance companies and which records are not. We also know when to file a lawsuit, and how to present your case to a jury of people who think like you and not like an insurance adjuster.  

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