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Tepperman Law Wins Hearing on Client's Behalf

After more than a year with no in-person hearings, Etan Z. Tepperman of Tepperman Law won an in-person hearing in Denton County Court at Law Number 2. The defendant in this case is alleged to have not yielded the right of way to Tepperman Law's client, causing a serious crash and severe injuries.  The defendant's lawyer did not want to allow his client's deposition to be taken.  A deposition is when a person is asked questions under oath, which is a helpful and important tool in the jury trial process.  Tepperman Law argued that the deposition of the person who allegedly caused the crash should be allowed.  


Tepperman Law represents individuals who were seriously injured because of other people’s carelessness, including dog attacks, severe car crashes, and tractor-trailer crashes. The firm works to seek justice for its clients while helping make our community safer.

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